In Search of Adventure!

In the known world of The Twelve Kingdoms, deadly political intrigues, war and the ever encroaching monsters from the untaimed wilderness all constantly threaten the common man. Only a brave few rise up from the masses to become Adventurers and take on these challenges.

The island kingdom of Bluland is but one of these twelve kingdoms. Once it was nothing but a collection of bickering baronies and petty principalities. Then, invaders from the mainland tried to conquer it, and the differing tribes of men, elves and dwarves banded together under the High-King to fend them off, and the kingdom was united.

Now, four unlikely heroes, a farm boy, a gypsy witch, a warrior priest and a con-man, are gathered together by the Lord Marshal to rescue the lost heir to the throne of Bluland from the mysterious Caves of Chaos!

The Twelve Kingdoms

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